How To Add Multiple Users & Authors To WordPress Blog?

By | October 20, 2016

Are you starting a blog on where multiple users will publish posts & pages? IF so, then we’re going to show you how you can allow others to post & contribute to your blog.

WordPress allows you to add multiple users & authors as well as admins to control your blog & publish new posts & pages.


There are two ways that you can use to add multiple users to your blog.

1:- First one is you can manually add them to your blog & send them the confirmation emails.

2:- The second way is you can allow others to register on your blog by a registration form.

Now, if you’re going to add new users to your blog manually then simply go to the Users panel & then All Users.


There in the Users panel,  click on Add New.


Now, add username, user Email Address, First name, Last name & other info. Then finally, choose password for the user, select the Send User Notification, choose User Role & then click on Add New User.



After filling out the form, a confirmational email will be sent to a user with the blog login link & username which then he can use to log into your blog & post new blog posts & pages.

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If you want to allow users to register on your blog without adding them manually then simply go to WordPress Setting & then General.

  1. Enable Anyone can register
  2. Choose by default role for new Users
  3. Save the setting


Once the setting is saved & the options are enabled, simply put this URL (wp-login.php?action=register) after your domain name e.g, Now, visit this link & you’ll get the registration form which your users can use to register on your blog.

Note: If you have changed the login URL (i.e, then you’ll need to use that link instead of the (wp-login.php).

Let me know if this has helped you. And, also if you have any question then do let me know about it.

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