Top 15 High DA Free Sites To Post Your Blogs For Quality Backlinks

By | October 23, 2016


There are lots of ways you can use to build backlinks to your site such as you can find high PR & DA blogs & comment on them or you can reach to more bloggers & do it or you can submit your blog to high DA sites to get massive backlinks with the anchor text to your blog.

When your weblog is get published & up search engines won’t bring it to the top of their search engines ranking pages unless you submit it to their search engines, promote it & build backlinks to it.

In this post, I’m going to share with you some of the recommended Top Domain Authority & Page Rank sites where you can post your blog for free & can get a massive amount of backlinks with a huge amount of targeted traffic.

List Of Top 15 High DA Sites To Post Your Blog In

1:- DMOZ Directory (

Submitting a blog in DMOZ directory is very powerful & most search engines usually take data from this directory which can help you get your blog indexed by search engines very easily & quickly. Also, linking from it could be really powerful than other directories.

2:- Blogarama (

Blogarama has 73 Domain  Authority which getting your blog listed in the directory can give massive link juice as well as can send you a good amount of traffic.

3:- Free Web Submission (

Free Web Submission is a tool that easily submits your blog to more than 20 top search engines that can save you a decent of minutes than submitting it manually.

4:- All Top (

All Top is another high Domain Authority directory that can give you a great boost in search engines ranking & indexes every post of your blog in its directory that can give you link to every post on your blog.

There is no such policy for the submission but all you need a Premium domain name such as .com, .net or others & have a quality blog.

5:- Submit Express (

Submit Express instantly submits your blogURLl to more than 70 search engines including some major search engines such as & others.

6:- Blogging Fusion (

Listing your blog in this directory could be more powerful & the advantage is that this is a free directory you can list your blog in.

7:- SoMuch (

SoMuch is another human-editing directory that can help you send a massive amount of traffic & as well as link juice.

The submission is free of cost, just heads over to the site’s submission page.

8:- Twingly (

Twingly is a blog pinging tool that helps you notice search engines about your blog & content on it.

Every time you publish something new on your blog, ping it through pinging tools such as twingly & other tools.

Once your blog is pinged by twingly, just heads over to the & search your blog there. You’ll get it.


If your blog or its latest post/page is not yet listed in the google blog search then use this tool to notice google blog search that you have a new blog or blog post.

You can also submit your homepage link or your site feed link.

10:- Ping My URL (

Pingmyurl is a tool that works the same as pingler & twingly do. But still use of this can send you good amount of traffic & can send your link to different bots that can help you get backlinks from different sites.

11:- Google (

If you haven’t yet submited your site to google then go ahead & submit your site to google including the blog’s xml sitemaps.

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12:- Bing (

Bing is another largest search engine in the World Wide Web & not submitting your blog to it is your failure. If you haven’t yet then visit the bing webmasters tool & submit your site there.

13:- Yandex (

Yandex is the Russian top search engine. You should always submit your blog to Yandex search engine that can help you send a huge amount of targeted traffic like google & bing do.

14:- Anoox (

Anoxx is a social networking based search engine where you can submit your blog & can get lots of traffic direct to your blog in no times.

15:- GigaBlast (

GigaBlast is an open source search engine that you can use to submit your blog’s URL there without creating an account.

These are top 15 places & sites where you can submit your blog & can get lots of high-quality backlinks with a great amount of targeted traffic.

Up To You!

I could share only 15 but if you know more than those then do share it in the comments below to help others reach to it.

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