How To Setup WordPress On A Domain Name In The Next 5 Minutes?

By | October 18, 2016

Hi There,

This is our first wp blog post of Blogging Scout in which I’m going to tell you how to setup WordPress on a domain name in the next 5 minutes or in other words how to setup a WordPress blog after purchasing a domain name & hosting.

For a novice, let me tell you a little bit about WordPress.

WordPress or also called wp was started in 2003. It is an open source project that allows everyone to start their own site/blog online without paying any cent by installing its script on their domain names.


Now going to walk you through the steps.

First Buy A Domain Name & Hosting

If you have no domain name & hosting then you’ll first need to buy domain name & hosting from any hosting provider because without a domain & hosting you cannot use

Once you have a domain & hosting then follow these steps.

Or Simply watch this video:

1:- Log  Into Your Domain cPanel

Typing ‘cPanel’ i.e, ‘’after any domain name can take you to a Domain cPanel. however, you have also a different URL that is sent to you by the hosting provider after purchasing a hosting & domain.

Now, let me tell you that there are two ways that you can use to install your new wp blog on your domain name.

The first one is using the Softaculous (installer) software that is given to you in the domain cPanel. whereas the other one is installing wp manually. In this second way, you’ll need to download the wp setup file from & upload it to your domain name & setup it on it.

While it is considered that installing wp manually is a good choice & which is secure than the other way. But it takes lots of time to setup. If you don’t have any technical knowledge about it then I’ll recommend you the first way i.e, Using Softaculous tool.

Once you’re on your domain cPanel, scroll download till you see Softaculous Apps Installer or Easy Installer.


Click on it & choose WP CMS(Content Management System).


There a new WP installation page will come up. Just click Install Now.


Now, it’s time to begin setting up your blog on your domain name. Follow these steps.

1:- Choose your site protocol (http:// , https:// or http://www.).

2:- Choose Directory where you want the wp script to be installed & live. For instance, if you have a company name then you’ll set up the wp script on And if you want the script to be installed on the homepage of the domain name then simply remove the WP from the Directory.


3:- Type Title & Description, Admin User-Name, Login Password & Admin Email.


4:- Under The Advanced setting, Choose strong Database name & table Prefix.


5:- Finally, scroll down, type your Email Address & then hit the Install Button.


Once the wp is set up, you’ll receive an Email with your site login links, User-Name & other info.

Now visit your blog & you’ll see that WordPress has installed on your blog which took not more than 5 minutes.

The Bottom Line:

You can also try the manual way to set up your WordPress blog but it will take lots of time & effort. However, if you don’t know manually installing wp script (or just wanting to know how to manually upload & install wp) then you must try installing manually because it will help you learn more about WordPress installation which can help you later on when you delete or modify any file from your domain directory.

Looking forward to your ideas & inspirational comments.

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