MyBlog WordPress Theme Review & Discount Coupon Code

By | October 25, 2016


MyThemeShop is widely known for its service that is not only providing free wp themes & plugins but providing Premium WordPress Themes & Plugins very cheap.

Today I’ve brought for you a new wp theme named MyBlog which mythemeshop has recently published for its users with a huge discount! & which today I’m going to review it here with you so that you know what are new features in it & why you should buy it for your next WordPress blog if you’re going to start your new wp blog.

If you ever wanted a professional looking WordPress theme with lots of features that can easily use to manage the theme & make some changes then MyBlog is the perfect choice for you.

MyBlog inspired by is a professional looking theme for WordPress users that gives you the same look of’s site.

When picking a theme, users want to know about the theme first. So if you’re going to ask these questions before buying the theme then here I’m listing them all.

1:- Will it be SEO, Mobile & User-Friendly?

Yes, the theme comes with a good navigational system & has SEO-Friendly breadcrumbs which made the theme completely SEO, Users & Mobile-Friendly.

2:- Will it load fast when a user lands on it?

I’ve tested the theme & it loads very quickly. You can see the testing result in the screenshot.


3:- Will there be customizable options for the theme?

MyThemeShop offers a unique themes options panel for their themes’ customers. You can access the theme options panel from your WordPress dashboard & can make lots of changes to your blog & theme.

4:- Will the typography of the theme be easy to read?

The by default font type & size you can see in the demo is quite easier to read. However, if you like to change the typography then you can do it from the Theme Options panel.

Cool Features Which are not available in other MyThemeShop Themes:

If you’re using any of the MyThemeShop’s premium themes then you might be well aware of the features & options of your pro theme. But MyBlog theme comes with many other Cool features that can make your blog more professional.

Let’s have a look at the following features:

1:- Header carousel Feature

In other MTS themes, you’ll find small sizes of related posts under the header tab but in the MyBlog theme, you can add larger related posts as a slider under the main menu.

2:- Register & Login Feature

The theme has its own fantastic feature that allows your readers to register on your blog & write content on it. It makes the look of your blog more attractive.

When your reader is visiting your blog, he’ll see the registration link like you can see in the screenshot.


When they are logged into your blog, they will see their profile & on top of that there will be Write a Story which they can use to change their profile & write content on your blog.


You can also disable the option from the themes panel.

3:- Different Homepage Layouts

Currently, there are three kinds of layout for your theme’s homepage which you can apply one of them & can make the look of your blog more attractive to your users & readers.

4:- Homepage Slider

You can add your featured & promotional posts in the homepage slider by  categories.

5:- Like Button

If you ever wanted to add a like button to your blog posts which users can use to like the post then you can enable the post like option from the theme options panel.

6:- Infinite Loads When Page Scrolls down

Have you ever seen some professional tech & news blogs scrolling infinite times when you scroll down their pages. The same feature is available to you in the MyBlog theme. When your visitor finishes the post & still he scrolls down then he will get more posts from the same categories, tags or all posts when scrolling down.

7:- Unique Style of Social Share buttons/Icons

The theme has by default beautiful social sharing icons available that looks exactly like your theme do. However, if you ever wanted to learn how to add social share buttons to blog images then do check my other blog post.

8:- Many Layouts In One Theme

Like other MTS themes, MyBlog theme is also a multi-purpose theme that you can use for different purposes & blog types.

Get MyBlog Theme With Huge Discount!

If you like the theme then its time to grab the offer. MyThemeShop has offered a coupon code to their users which they can use to get the theme for $19 instead of $69.

Now click the button below to visit the cart page & use the huge discount coupon code to get the theme for $19.

Coupon Code: MB19USD

How To Install The Theme?

The process is quite easy. Simply go to your MTS dashboard & download the theme files & then upload it to your WordPress blog & activate the theme on it. If you don’t know how to upload & install the theme on WP blog then you can read this post.

All I knew about the theme I mentioned above. If you think there is more content that should be included in the post then do share it in the comments & do let me know how you like this theme.

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